Lauren Wright


Jeff Luedeke

Lauren Wright and Jeff Luedeke

The Story

Jeff and Lauren met on a blind date December 14, 2012 at Parkside 23. They clearly hit it off since the original plan was to just have dinner. It went so well, the night continued with Yo Mama Frozen Yogurt and drinks at People's Park.

It was clear Lauren knew Jeff was someone special when she introduced him to Alison and Patrick on just their third date. {Props to Jeff for putting up with family members on the third date! Double props for being able to tell Lauren & Alison apart right away!!}

Over the past 3+ years Jeff and Lauren have been able to share some passions while teaching each other passions. Their summers are filled with cabin visits {includes fishing, boating, grilling & much needed relaxation from the business world}. And of course, their winters are filled with dreaming about cabin visits while cheering on the Pakers at Lambeau Field.

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