Lauren Wright


Jeff Luedeke

Wedding Party

Alison Wright Tierney

Maid of Honor

Alison has been through Lauren's every life moment, happy and sad. And when Jeff walked into Lauren's life he learned very quickly when you marry one, you get the other :) We are so excited to call Alison our Koumbara {Greek for Maid of Honor}!

Favorite Color: Navy Blue
Favorite Place You've Ever Been: Hawaii
Favorite Food: Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Cupcakes

Ray Uhen

Best Man

Ray and Jeff have been best friends for the last 13 years. It was truly a "bro-mance" from the start. From road trips to Colorado, to flights to Florida in his family airplane, these guys have done it all.

Although Ray moved to California after college, their friendship still remains strong. Jeff is extremely proud to call Ray his best man.

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Drink: Gin & Tonic
What do you want to be when you grow up? An Astronaut

Jaclyn Jecha


Jaclyn, also known as J, is the amazing book worm of the family -- and proud of it. With a younger brother and baby twin sisters J was always teaching us new history facts. It's no wonder J became the Manager of Library Education Programs at George Washington's Mount Vernon. Our wedding party wouldn't be complete without the amazing, beautiful sister who continues to teach us something new every day!

{Note: Yes, Lauren is the one on the right... It's one of Lauren's favorite pictures and she couldn't pass it up!}

Dan Jecha


Dan, J's husband, is the Art Director of the Wright Family {he is an actual Art Director for an agency in D.C too}. Jaclyn and Dan are high school sweethearts which means he has been considered a brother since Lauren was in middle school. And let's just say Jeff and Dan can talk about cool technology toys for hours together!

We are so glad to have his creative genius {he photographed our engagement photos} and his contagious laugh in the bridal party!

Note: Please insert Jeff as we completely missed a photo opt at Christmas Time!

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Drink: Manhattan - Rye
What do you want to be when you grow up? Business owner

Karena Wright


Karena officially became a Wright Sister back in 2011 when she married Lauren's Brother, Nate. Her sense of humor is absolutely refreshing and brings so much to the Wright Family {including Van & George}!

Favorite Drink: Coke
Favorite Place to Visit: Beach
What I wanted to be when I grew up: A Mom.

Nathan Wright


Check out that 'stache.

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Drink: Cold Beer
What do you want to be when you grow up? A Gangster

Jena Farmer


Lauren and Jena have considered themselves sisters for a few years now. And soon enough, they will be official sisters!

Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite Drink: Iced Tea or Moscato
Place I'd Love to Visit: Hawaii

Jeff Rueter


From golf outings to turkey hunting excursions, Jeffrey James Luedeke and Jeffrey James Rueter, have had a lot of fun together over the past few years. These two guys started their friendship during high school baseball, and recently have grown a lot closer.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Drink: Cold Beer
What do you want to be when you grow up? Baseball player

Deanne Doval


Thankfully Jeff brought Deanne into Lauren's life -- Jeff and Deanne went to college together.

Favorite Drink: Dirty Shirley
Favorite Food: Mac N' Cheese/Ice Cream/Anything with Chocolate
Dream Vacation Spot: Italia mia amica!

Pete Doval


Pete and Jeff met in college, while pursuing their engineering degrees. They were roommates for multiple years, and share tons of college stories together. Jeff stood by Pete's side during his wedding in spring of 2015, and is excited to have Pete do the same for him.

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Drink: Moscow Mule
What do you want to be when you grow up? Race Car Driver

Sara Rosenberg


This crazy friendship started freshman year at St. Thomas in Fall 2010. Lauren and Sara have even traveled the world together including: Cabo, Ireland, Wales, England and even spent time together in Greece.

Favorite Movie: Sweet Home Alabama and It Takes Two
Favorite Drink: Jameson and Ginger Ale
Favorite Placed I Visited: Greece

Patrick Tierney


What can we say about Patrick? It was inventible Patrick and Jeff hit it off right off the bat. He clearly has a great taste in women, like Jeff ;) , because he married Lauren's {other} better half Alison.

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Drink: Fat Tire
What do you want to be when you grow up? Doctor

Kari LePine


Kari and Lauren have known each other since Elementary School but became great friends Junior/Senior year of high school. Kari is one of the most generous, loving hearts around. Lauren knows she is very lucky to not only call Kari a long-time friend, but also a Bridesmaid!

Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Drink: Magaritas!
Favorite Place to Visit: Vegas or the Beach (Let's be clear, not Pewaukee Beach!)

Steve Hintz


Steve has been a close friend of Jeff's since freshman baseball. Steve and Jeff have been on many hunting trips together, from snow geese in Colorado, to ducks in northern Wisconsin.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Drink: Coors Light
What do you want to be when you grow up? Baseball player

Madi Farmer

Flower Girl/Child

Jeff is blessed to call Madi his Goddaughter. Madi gave Jeff his first opportunity to be an uncle, and will soon give Lauren her first opportunity to have a niece. We couldn't be more proud of Madi, she has grown up into an intelligent, loving, and funny little girl.

Favorite Food: Ice Cream Cake
What I want to be when I grow up: A Dog Trainer
Favorite Place to Visit: Kalahari
Favorite Drink: Sunkist

George Wright

Ring Bearer

George is not only Lauren's nephew, but Godchild. She couldn't be more proud to be his Nouna. He certainly brings plenty of laughter to Lauren's life with his famous dance moves and his ability to make her smile every day! Excited this little guy will be the keeper of the rings.

Favorite Drink: Chocolate Milk
Favorite Thing to Do: Playing with cars
Favorite Song: Anything by girl rappers and boy bands

Jim Luedeke

Father of the Groom

Marge Luedeke

Mother of the Groom

Gene Wright

Father of the Bride

Ann Wright

Mother of the Bride

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